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    100% compatible with other construction toys
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Build 3 Models in 1
With one Zippy Do® you can build three Light Up models or swap the parts to make your own creation!

What can you do with Zippy Do?®

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How to Win?

We love to see what you can build with your Zippy Do®. Ask your parents if they can help you take a picture, click the "Upload Photo" button, and enter your name and email to share it with us. We have monthly prizes for our biggest fans!

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What can you build?

Just snap a photo of your favorite Zippy Do® creation. Feel free to add other toys to your model!

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Ask your parents to help you click the link and enter your name and email to upload your photo. We can accept JPGs, GIFs, and PNGs.


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We love our fans!

Anyone who uploads a photo could win some of our newest Light Up toys and Laser Pegs® Tervis® Tumblers, chocolate and shirts!

About Zippy Do®

The Zippy Do® comes with a battery operated core that can light up or flash. The 22 colorful interchangeable pieces and instructions to build a Helicopter, Plane and Car are just the beginning of the basic creativity Zippy Do® offers. Combine other construction products with the Zippy Do® and expand the open ended play pattern to its fullest potential!

The packaging even transforms into a ramp for launching your Zippy Do® into the air! These parts are compatible with other major brand construction blocks, so you can keep adding to your models. Just kick your imagination into gear and swap pieces in and out to build your own unique driving and flying machines.

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Zippy Do Kids

100% compatible with other construction toys.

Laser Pegs® Compatible

Light up your Laser Pegs® models

Construction Brick Compatible

Light up other construction sets

Lighted Construction Toy

Requires 3 LR44 Batteries
Zippy Do Racing Game App

Zippy Do® Racing Game App

Download the zippiest racing game you will ever play!


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